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The Kingston Confederation Basin Last Three Lighthouses 9 September, 2012

The Kingston Confederation Basin
Last Three Lighthouses
9 September, 2012
Remember click on photos to enlarge them.
Our plan was to complete this summers adventure by doing the Kingston Confederation Basin three lights last, so anyone who took part one way or another could join us either in a kayak or on land. The three last lights are the Wolfe Island Ferry Dock light, Kingston side, the Kingston Basin Breakwater Light and lastly Kingston City Hall, it’s was deemed a historical lighthouse several decades years ago.

The 9th date was set to accommodate our core paddle teams busy schedules and weather was not an issue, this paddle was a go no matter what the conditions, other than lightening of course. Weather ? Weather would not have stopped this seasoned group of kayakers from paddling the short distance along Kingston’s shore line to visit the last three lighthouses of our Lake Ontario 53 lighthouse adventure, nope no way.

How nice Darcie and her Mom & Dad
showed up in support with cool signs. Thanks Kelly Gang!!!!!

The plan was to meet as a group on the water in Kingston Confederation Basin harbour at 10am take some photos of the group and then around 10:30 paddle the three lights and if weather permitted, paddle to Cedar Island across from Fort Henry for a fun paddle. We would then return to Kingston harbour finalize plans and head to our place for a Thank You BBQ.
Getting ready for the photo

As it turned out at 10am we had six paddlers and not all where in kayaks, this saddened me ,cause we were missing people who have paddled with us most of the summer.


As per our plan we took several photos of the paddle group and Mary Farrar and her gang in a small power boat on the water and on shore where Darcie and her family, Deb & Dan Boylan good friends and my best buddy, Mollie the cruise director.

Paddlers Left to Right
Bonnie McTaggart, Janet Hayley,
 Jane & Rob Hough

What a handsome group of supporters.  Who knew this would be so much fun???  Oops!!! this is not City Hall we better move and get another photo.....smiling.

Deb has become an excellent photographer with her new camera and offered to photograph this special moment of us all in front of Kingston City Hall. I guess you could say # 51 Lighthouse completed.

Photo op finished our paddle group heads for the Wolfe Island Ferry Dock Light. In about 5 minutes we gathered at the end of the ferry dock, with the Wolfe Islander III Ferry idling in the back ground. As my fellow kayakers readied for the MS Flag photo under the very non descript orange light, I questioned how this little orange light made it to the active lighthouse list ? Hummmmmm Interesting, but for us # 52 Light is completed, just one to go.
Flag packed away skies clear, waves less then ½ meter and paddlers excited to get out in some open water it was suggested that we paddle to Cedar Island first and then on the return trip complete the Breakwater light. That sounded good to me and everyone else really did not care in which order the day went. So we headed across the bay to Cedar Island. About half way across the bay I noticed a couple of kayakers. I knew at once who they were, the last of our core group, I smiled and suggested the group continue on to the island and I would paddle over and bring our lost sheep up to date on the new plan.


Vivian enjoying her first day on the water in a long time and we are glad to have her join us on our last Lighthouse Paddle.
Linda !!!!!  you made it, smiling.  Other than Brent our hard core paddle group have all made the last day.......and the weather is awesome.

So it turned out that everyone arrived at Cedar Island at the same time, we decide to go ashore and hike the island maybe do a Geocache and there just happened to be washrooms available, so that’s always a plus right.

Kayaks all on shore at Cedar Island Yep!! another photo Op....smiles everyone.  We live in God's Country for sure.  Cedar Island is one of 20 Islands you can camp on in the St Lawrence National Park and all are beautiful.

This day is turning out to be beautiful our little hike took us to the Geocache and Bonnie was introduced to geocaching…..hummmmmmm I think she is hooked. Standing at the Gazebo over looking the St Lawrence Seaway towards Wolfe Island everyone was saying how beautiful this spot was and then it happened, Vivian suggested we paddle to Wolfe Island. I loved the idea, like most of the paddlers with us, this was on my bucket list of paddles to complete. I said without thinking lets do it, we walked back to our kayaks and launched.
Group hiking the Cedar Island


Janet & Rob, chatting about the Seaway Park.
Looking from Cathcart Redaubt 1846 tower on Cedar Island at Fort Henry.
Group heading out from Cedar Island. 
Can this day get any better, rounding Cedar Island we paddled the 2.6 kms across the St Lawrence in no time landing next to the Ferry Docks at Wolfe Island.

Wolfe Island public launch next to the Wolfe Island Ferry Docks. 

The group thought this would be a good place to stop and have a little lunch. LUNCH????? I was starting to feel bad as Mollie was still on shore waiting in front of City Hall. Inside I just wanted to head back, I felt that they would be too long.

Well some of the group, ate launches they had brought with them and others, along with myself, had not brought anything so we went to the restaurant on the shore and had sweet potato fries.

Within 30 minutes I said I had to leave ‘cause I had folks arriving at our home at 3pm for the BBQ. The group packed up and we all headed out together, then I heard someone say lets paddle around Green Island. They were having a great day, but I needed to head back, Rob was paddling with me so I mentioned to him I need to go and he understood. So I broke from the group and headed back.
I was now feeling poorly for Mollie who did not know what was going on, let alone having to sit around most of the day waiting not knowing if she could leave and come back. Paddling really hard, I covered the 4.5 kms between Wolfe Island and Kingston harbour in under 30 minutes. I then realized I still needed to take at least one photo of the Breakwater Light with the MS Flag completing the 53 lights.

Brandon & Erica getting MS Flag out.

As I approached the Breakwater Lighthouse I met Brandon Pinkney and Erica Young both 4th Year RMC cadets out kayaking. I guess they heard about our project. This was wonderful to have these young kayakers part of our adventure, so I got them to hold the MS Flag under the Breakwater light which, I could see made them feel part of this day. Number # 53 completed not how I expected, but nothing about this summer has been what I expected….in a good way. Brandon & Erica paddled with me back to the boat launch, we said our good byes and I thanked them very much for coming out.

They did it, the flag is up.  Lots of wind which moved them along pretty quick.  The Breakwater light is still in the Photo.....smiling.

I turned into the launch where I found the love of my life, tired and worried. But Mollie, being Mollie, jumped right in and we loaded my kayak onto the truck in record time. On the way home I praised to her for having her sitting around all day not know what was going on, she just said it wouldn‘t have been so bad, if she would have had a book and a washroom. She is a saint for sure.

Arriving home at 3:05 we knew we would have people waiting for us. We E-Mailed all our guests that we would be starting to boil corn at 3pm, bring your appetites and sure enough some of our friends had already arrived and were camped out in the back yard.

Mollie quickly recruited Darcie and they set to putting the salads together that Mollie had prepared much earlier in the day. I went about offering the rest drinks, then I put them to work shucking corn while I got the BBQ and Corn boiler set up and boiling water. As with any group of close friends being a little late was nothing to worry about and they all understood. Fred and Jane arrived and jumped in with the food prep, Lee took on the BBQ duties and I quickly had a shower as I noticed people stepping back as I went to hug them……..smiling. Not really but it’s a good story.

With everything pretty much ready Mollie and I took a few moments to enjoy our guests and thanked them for taking part in preparing their own dinner…….oops. By this time most of the kayakers had arrived and stories of paddle trips and lighthouse adventures were being started. I looked around and felt blessed. What a wonderful summer of paddling, shared with so many interesting and wonderful people. People I barely knew at the beginning of the summer, now Mollie and I call close friends and why not, we shared beautiful places, challenging moments, but most of all time together, time in the outdoors.


With most of our guests in attendance, food ready it was time to load our plates and eat. Ensuring all the guests were looked after and sitting at the single food covered table, which by the way the group decided should be outside on this early fall day, Mollie and I sat to eat.

A few minutes into our meal the stragglers showed up, that meant everyone was here. At this time while everyone was eating I began to thank everyone for our great summers adventure on behalf of Mollie and myself .

Thanking paddlers for sharing their time and money, so many awesome days on the water rain or shine. The generous sponsors for donating to the MS Kingston Chapter. Thanking Darcie for being our inspiration and for allowing us to use her life story with MS in our awareness and fund raising efforts. Then lastly I needed to thank my dearest wife Mollie, I can never hold back my emotions when speaking of her. When she walks in the room she makes me smile.  Without Mollie this summer adventure and all the other crazy adventures I’ve dragged us into and over our 38 years of marriage could and would not have ended so successfully and with such wonderful memories. She is so giving, supportive and understanding, who else when being told “ Hun this summer I’m thinking of paddling all the lighthouses on Lake Ontario would say “ Cool, just be safe about it, Oh and how many are there ? "    As the Irish say “ she is a saint and there is a place in heaven for her”.

After I got through thanking folks and handing out some enlarged photos of special moments taken of each paddler, some funny, some just a beautiful memory we shared. I then sat down, pleased with what we had accomplished. We completed what we started, this is big for me as Mollie and my extended family will tell you, for me this is important. They have heard me say more times then they would like to admit “ it’s not what you start that counts, it’s what you finish that give you satisfaction“. I was also pleased that we surpassed our goal of raising $ 1000.00. I think we did OK raising $1300.00 dollars for our MS Chapter they were happy. The last thing that went through my mind before someone mentioned dessert was I wish I could Thank all the shore people for their kindness.

It’s then as Jane was walking towards the table with a cake in hand, I became a little upset. I thought Mollie had mentioned that the next day was my Birthday and I wanted no one to know, I wanted this dinner to be about thanking our friends.   When Jane placed the cake she had made in front of me I began to laugh, what a beautiful present.

To Me this was the best Birthday Cake Ever and
no one knew except Mollie.

The cake was not a birthday cake, it was Lighthouse cake with 20 Years To Enlightenment written in icing. What an awesome gift, what an awesome memory Mollie and I will have of this day.   Thank You Jane & Rob

As much as the day was warm this September evening was cooling quickly. While folks chatted some others chipped in and clean up went fast, food stored away, tables and chairs placed in the shop it was now time for a camp fire.

With chair around the fire most people huddled in to catch some of the fires warmth. By dark most people had said their good byes and thanks, it had been a long day. Mollie and I sat watching the fire enjoying the silence, I then said thanks and she said your welcome. I got up and placed a bucket of water on the fire and gathered up Mollie’s hand and we said to each other will clean up tomorrow. Mollie then said I hope your thirty year project is hiking a small park or something like that……. End of another little Rob & Mollie adventure.

Wow……..So many people to Thank

Paddlers in no order

Brent Lalonde
Rob & Jane Hough
Linda Whitfield
Janet Hayley
Bonnie McTaggart
Chriss Sissons  Olcott Park, Life Guard and his fellow paddlers.
Laura Forks
Dan & Ashleigh from Burlington
Adeline, the Irish lady who took such great photos of me in Oakville Harbour
Brandon Pinkney 4th Year RMC Cadet
Erica Young 4th Year RMC Cadet

Generous sponsors in no order

Mac & Mary Stienburg
Donnee Huffman
Lee & Mary Lou Fraser
Rob & Jane Hough
Fred & Jan Brogan
Janet Hayley
and the several unknowns donators “ Thank You All “ on behalf of the MS Chapter Kingston, Mollie and myself.

Thank You to the people who gave more than kindness:

Tim McCormack, Commercial Fisherman who was out there looking out for me on two of my longer off shore trips. Thanks Tim

Jay out of Hidden Harbour, New York who watched out for me on my Galloo, trip. Thanks Jay you know who you are….

Brian Johnson The Wolfe Island Ferry Captain and Author who wrote two articles about our summers adventure. Thanks Brian

The next group of Thank You's go out to all the “ Shore People “ So many acts of kindness, without your generosity this project could not have and would not have been completed. Each of you are near and dear to my heart, I have mentioned you all in my stories throughout this summers blog. Thank You all.

The last Thank You goes to my dear wife Mollie

You, You !!!! Your some friggin cute and lucky to have me……..wink. I love You,
you make my life complete.

20 years after and life is wonderful, how lucky am I ?????

The End


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Galloo Island Lighthouse, USA 1 Sept, 2012

Galloo Island Lighthouse, USA
1 Sept, 2012

Remember to enlarge photo's just click on them.
Our last big paddle, Galloo Island Lighthouse by my guesstamation was going to be around 17 kms off Point Peninsula, which is west of Chaumont Bay , New York State. Just north of Sackets Harbour. This paddled in it’s self would not be difficult if we could land on the island, spend the night and then return to the main land the next day or when conditions allowed. Just like we did for Main Duck Island Lighthouse. We could not do this as Galloo Island is Private Property and from what I was told and read it is very private. The second hurdle was this Island is on the States side of the lake, so I really did not want to find myself requiring assistance, who knows what it would cost or what trouble I would trigger for myself. I’ve always told Mollie, what ever I do on these little adventures I will error on the side of caution every time. My plan for this paddle is not so pure, however safe. I will take my fishing boat with kayak in tow and cross the 10.4 kms, of open water to the west end of the island, anchor off shore and then paddle the islands north shore for 6.6 kms to the east end where the lighthouse sits.
Like Main Duck Island, picking the right weather day was so important. It’s all about winds and waves so I needed to be ready to go when conditions were correct. So the day after completing Cobourg Pier Light I packed my camping gear, food supplies, spare clothes and checked both my power boat and kayak to ensure they were all set to go on the day we get favourable weather.

On Thursday the long term forecast was saying mild winds for Saturday, excellent. Friday night's Eastern Lake Ontario’s forecast for Saturday was winds North easterly at 15 knots diminishing to 10 in early afternoon, waves less then ½ meter. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? This was the forecast I’ve been waiting for most of the summer. I’m all over this, I’m ready to go but there was only one difficulty. I was obligated to serve coffee at our community monthly breakfast till noon. Hummmmm I could still do this as the weather forecast said “ winds will diminish starting at noon” I do my thing here and still have the rest of the day to get this Lighthouse in. As it turned out the Paddle God’s were with us once again, the organizer had over booked volunteers this month. I served coffee till around 9am had a good breakfast myself and begged off and heading home.

By 09:30 I was on my way to the US of A . I had planned to cross at Cape Vincent which meant taking the Wolfe Island Ferry, drive cross the Island, then take Horne’s Ferry into Cape Vincent, USA. What a day so far, weather is beautiful. I arrived the Wolfe Island ferry dock just in time to be one of the last to board, center row. Center row is left open for vehicles with trailers, also center row gets to be the first off, bonus.

Third vehicle off the Wolfe Islander , I raced across the island to line up for Horne’s Ferry. I arrive to find there was no in line. Awesome, Also to add to my good fortune, the ferry was just coming into dock. This ferry is small, so I know they will put me on last and right across the center. The Ferry’s Captain arrived at my window for payment and to my surprise he only charged me half price, some how he knew about our MS Paddle Project. “ Shore People “ Wow !!!! What a great day.

Getting on ferry crew person having to push ferry
out so loading ramp does not catch dock

Ouch!!!! Yes park brake is on.

They blocked the trailer

Again last on the ferry and first off. This meant I was first to go through US customs. You know I always feel they don’t believe me when I tell them what I’m doing, however they were quick and let me in and before I knew it I’m on my way to Hidden Harbour Campground/Marina on Point Peninsula.

Shocked, I had arrived at Hidden Harbour well before noon. Again, more acts of kindness, George, the Hidden Harbour Marina owner only charged me half price to launch.

Boats ready to go, just chatting with Jay.


As I was launching Jay a seasonal camper at Hidden Harbour offer to be my guardian angel. Jay has fished the waters between Galloo and Point Peninsula for several years in his 28ft Trophy fishing boat, a great boat for heavy waves.

 Jay said he would stay close to his cell and marine radio just in case the weather turns on me, however we both agreed this day was the best we’d seen in a long time.
He also agreed that my 14ft Deep V hull will do just fine out there today.

Both boats in the water, I set my GPS, make a starting waypoint so I know which heading to aim for on the way back to the main land.  
After the first couple Kms I’m very please at my progress, the waves are hitting me from the right rear of the boat and they are not very large. Oh Oh at around 7 km off the main land the waves started building but the boat was still handling them fine but,  I had to stop three times and flip the kayak back over. It would fly off the waves and spin in the air landing up side down. 
I slowed things down for the remainder of the trip which prevented flip overs.

Galloo Island 10.4kms off shore

The crossing from the point to the west end of the island took me all of 40 minutes. I anchored in around 18 feet of water, using two anchors……I know over kill, but I did not want my boat floating off down into Sackets Harbour while I was 6 kms away…..smiling.

I was really excited to be getting into my kayak, the kayak handles these waves so much better than the power boat. I load all my gear into/onto the kayak and then slid from one boat to the other. This was a little tricky as the waves wanted to roll over the kayak and fill the cockpit while I was holding it next to the fishing boat. After a couple of tries I manage to get in and put my spray skirt on before the next wave could splash in. Life is good I’m in my kayak.
North Shore Galloo

As I paddle along the north shore of Galloo I can’t help but notice how much it looks like Main Duck, while I’m thinking this I look to my right and I’m shocked at how close Main Duck actually looked.

Mid way along the north shore heading west.


As I paddled west I came across a couple of buildings and what looked to be the natural harbour on this side of the island. Further along I came across small rock bluffs, rock beaches and many shoals.

Galloo Island Lighthouse
I arrived at the lighthouse and was happy that it was still there. For the life of me I could not find a photo newer the 2009, so who knows right it could have been gone.

My interested was drawn to the small build at the most westerly tip of the island, it had a spooky appearance.

Also the shoals here were so fascinating, they came so far off shore and were so shallow I could not get as close as I would have liked for taking photos. Another cool thing about the shoal was, the large number of fish that were visible when I was in the trough of the waves, lots of large fish.

Looking at Main Duck Island and Canadian waters.

I took several photos of the lighthouse, then paddled further off the shoals away from the breaking waves. Reaching deep water I took this moment to just sit and enjoy the motion of the swells as they lift and lowered me in a smooth rhythm. Galloo Island on my left, all of Lake Ontario directly in front, Main Duck Island and Canada to my right.

Lake Ontario

What beautiful place to be, I knew I had to take some time and enjoy the here and now. Thinking to myself, I will likely never have this opportunity again in my life this natural beauty is overwhelming. I took the time, to reflect on what this summer's paddle venture actually meant to me.

Galloo Island and Lighthouse to my left
Was it worth all the time spent organizing, planning and packing, unpacking and loading all the kayak and camping gear over and over. Was it worth the money we spent. Was it worth the effort to try and raise funds for MS in honour of friend Darcie. The simple answer would be “ YES “ to all these questions.

A large wave rolls over my kayak and my thoughts turned to the Lake and the love I have to paddle it. I love it’s smells, it’s vastness, I love that it is so unpredictable and at times dangerous. I love that it has so many hidden treasures, on and off shore. I mostly love that the Lake God’s have always favoured me/us on all our paddle adventures small and large. For this I’m forever grateful. Smiling….. I said Oh! Oh!! did I just jinks myself, I’m not back on shore yet.

As always my thoughts turn to the “ Shore People “ People like Tim McCormack out of Long Point, Jay from Hidden Harbour, New York who acted as my guardian angels. Being ready with their boats to assist me if things turned poorly, I can never thank them enough. Other “ Shore People “ Like Capt. Brain Johnson of the Wolfe Islander III who treat us to many wonderful stories of St Lawrence Seaway Lighthouses, his sound guidance on the wind and wave patterns around Wolfe Island kept us in good stead. Brian’s article in the Whig brought awareness to MS which helped us in the donation department.

So many kind “ Shore People “ Linda & Denis Myers, Tim Ward , Brian & Brenda Quinn , George Deliman, Bill McLeod and many many more.

The Team " they were not on this trip " 
Just a great photo
Then the Team, Rob & Jane, Linda and Brent these are the people who have made this summer interesting and so much fun. They are all wonderful people and good friends.

Then there is Mollie what can I say, she is an awesome life partner. Without a second thought she helped me ready gear, then assisted in packing it all into the truck so I could catch favourable paddle conditions, she did this time after time. She is so awesome, being the team's shore crew, driving the shore following us and finding us landing spots. She worried not just for me, but the whole team. I will never be able to repay her for the life time of worry I have put her through over the years. She is amazing, she is my lover, my partner, but most of all “ my best friend “.

All these thoughts and many more went through my brain as I took in the shoals, waves and the vastness of the lake beyond Galloo Island.


Time to leave, I turned my kayak east and head back along the north shore, back the way I came. The waves seem to be getting larger so I decided against rounding the island to the south. Besides I have for some reason started to worry about my boat bouncing off the east in of the island.

About 2 kms off the east end of Galloo, my boat comes into view, I feel great sense of relief and slow up on my paddling. Fifteen or so minutes later I arrive at the boat.

I come to find that getting back into the fishing boat from the kayak in these larger waves was easier then I had anticipated, I tie off the kayak, pump it out once again before putting the cockpit cover on for the trip back. Kayak ready to go, motor started time to lift the anchor. I pulled and pulled and they did not want to free up. I put the motor in forward trying to take the pressure off the anchor line by moving past then. After about 5 minutes of pulling I’m just about ready to cut the line, when for who knows why, the anchors comes free. The waves are moving the boat over the kayak tow line, thank god the motor was not in gear.

Clearing the tow line from the motor, I ensure everything is secure in the boat because looking at the large waves ahead I know the trip back will be very rough. What took me 40 minutes getting out to the island, took me over an hour going back.

The nice part of the return trip was as I got closer to land the waves decreased in size at around 2 kms off shore I was doing 33kms an hour. I know with the kayak in tow. How cool.

I pulled into the harbour and Jay was there to greet me, told me he and his wife sat on shore with field glasses and watch me return. I thanked them for their kindness and concern. Jay helped me load everything up and within 20 minutes I was on the road to the ferry. “Shore People “

As I pulled up to the Hornes Ferry the Captain waved me right on. Once again he decreased my fare “ Shore People “ 

The crossing was fun as I met a wonderful group from Montreal who where biking along the St Lawrence on the states side and then going home on the Canadian side. It turns out that one of the ladies in the group has a son who is a doctor and researcher at the Montreal Hospital, doing research for MS. We did a photo op with the group what a fun bunch.

Again I was first off the ferry and the first to greet the Canadian customs folks for some reason this time it took a great deal of time. Many many questions and I had to open all the bins which contained my camping and paddle gear. Maybe they thought I was with them wild bikers…….smiling. 10 minutes later I was in line at the Wolfe Islander dock. The bikers never did make the same ferry, too bad they were a fun group.

This crossing was surreal, I have completed all the lighthouses in Lake Ontario, well except of the last three which will be a fun afternoon paddle.  To be honest I did not think it was possible.  I can’t believe we did it. So many people to thank. Hummmmmmm

Just before getting off the ferry I called Mollie. She asked if I was at Hidden Harbour and was I heading out to the Galloo in the morning? I told her I was just getting off the Wolfe Islander ferry Kingston side and I would be home in ¾ of an hour. She could not believe I had completed the paddle already and that our plan went so well. She was so pleased to have me off the water and on my way home. Then she said in a low voice, YOU DID IT who would have believed it.

Mollie making sure all the water is out.

I arrived home to Mollie waiting in the garage with a couple of cold beers. We sat looking out at our burnt grass and smiled……………what a summer, how fun.  Beers finished we closed the garage doors and headed in after cleaning and hanging my Kayak.


Happy Paddler, just the last three in Kingston basin to go.....

Once again folks remember we are raising Awareness & Funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Kingston Chapter. If you wish to make a donation/pledge please call the Kingston Chapter at 613-384-8500 . Tell them you wish to pledge to

“ 20 Years To Enlightenment “ and it all stays in the Kingston and area.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Final Lights Paddle, 9th September, 2012

20 Years To Enlightenment
Last Paddle Day 
9th September, 2012

Hi  Folks  

If you go to the paddle map you will see that we have only 4 Lighthouses to complete this task. I have plans to complete Galloo Island first week in Sept which will leave the final three lights in Kingston Basic. The Breakwater and Wolfe Island Ferry Dock lights and lastly, Kingston City Hall which in years pass, was considered a active lighthouse.

It has always been a dream to fill the Kingston Harbour with Kayakers, in their boats. So we invite all kayakers to join us on the 9th of Sept, 2012 to paddle the last three lights with us. Our plans are simple, Kayakers can leave from any launch point they wish and all meet in Kingston Basin at 10 am. At 10:30 am we will paddle as a group out to the Breakwater or the Ferry Dock light then the other depending on winds and waves, then return to the Basin in front of City Hall for a group photo. After the photo's anyone wishing to join us on a short paddle to Cider Island are more than welcome. We ask that the buddy system be used, for this paddle, in other words, everyone paddle with someone for safety reasons, also please have all safety gear.

As I have mentioned we are doing this to raise awareness for MS but also some funds, so we will be passing around a donation jar. If you think you would like to ask family and friends for donations, I have attached a donations sheet on our blog, which can be printed off for your use.  Paddlers as much as we would love lots of donations, the 9th will be about the paddle, so l please think about joining us for this Sunday Paddle.  We will be doing this paddle rain or shine. Feel free to call if you need additional information.


Rob & Mollie

To print Pledge Sheet, first go to File on your toolbar,  click print setup select on landscape. Then right click on pledge sheet below and select print picture.  It will print your pledge sheet.